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Marketing Your Horse Never Looked Better

I am planning to roll out two new packages in 2023 and wanted to take some time to discuss one of them today! Are there any trainers out there would would find value in professional photos to help market and sell your horses quicker? Or maybe you are a fellow equestrian who has outgrown your first pony and are looking to sell and move up to a horse? I recently did sale photos for two of Copperstone Equestrian Center's sale horses Lucky and Dalton. Lucky was listed on Horse Bids and I came across their Facebook post after he sold and it got 686 hearts/likes, 21 shares, and 7 comments. This is 15 x more attention than what their average listing gets! I was thrilled to see this and thought this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a sale horse package!

When I think sale photos I think of your basic confirmation photos as well as black backgrounds photos. This shows off the horse in two different ways, realistic and artistic. I see this becoming more common especially when browsing horses for sale on Big EQ. I am excited to announce my sale horse package will come with 10 photos total, 6 basic confirmation photos (including head shots) and 4 black background photos. I also plan to offer an under saddle add on that will include 8-10 under saddle photos, from flat to over fences.

In the middle of 2022 I opened a new business Castaneda Sport Horses. My first horse in training is named Charming and he is a beautiful Oldenburg hunter prospect that is coming along very nicely. I am excited this new package will also benefit my new business! I look forward to doing his sale photos later this year so I have more examples to share with you when I officially release this new package. For now, take a look at some of Lucky and Dalton's photos below :)


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