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Making Dreams Reality

March has gotten off to a fantastic start! I made several huge steps towards opening my business this week, just in time for the horse show next weekend! I finally got my business credit card in the mail so I purchased my domain, quickbooks, and new MacBook Pro. I also downloaded Lightroom and Photoshop, set up an online gallery to deliver photos to my clients, and finalized my website. It's amazing to see how quickly a dream can become a reality when you pour all your heart, soul, and energy into what you're working towards. I am thrilled for what's ahead and believe this will be a big year for Shannon Castaneda Photography!

My hopes now that I am up and on my feet is that I will become a more active blogger. I was never a huge fan of writing throughout school but I think this is because I was never writing about something I am passionate about. I never thought I would say this but I am super excited to start writing more! I think excelling at this will be a huge factor in growing my business and I can't think of anything else I would rather write about. My goal is to write a blog post every time I post a new shoot on my website so I can tell my visitors about all the fun!

So what's next? I think my next big focus will be getting my name out there, but I have to take it slow because I am still working full time at Wells Fargo. I have a great position as an assistant to 3 financial advisors and plan to stay with them for a while longer to build up my retirement. I will do equine photography part time and hope to have 1-3 shoots per month to help keep a balanced schedule. On top of Wells Fargo and my new business I am also working slowly towards my MBA in commerce. I take one class per semester and plan to graduate in summer of 2020. This will free up more time for horses and photography!

This year I will be shooting at Canterbury Showplace once a month, other than April because I will be in Miami for the Longines show on Miami Beach and September because I will be visiting California for the first time. I am so thankful my friend Julia introduced me to the horse show manager Susan. She is so welcoming and recently warmed my heart by saying "I belong to the show family." I am excited to have a consistent opportunity to practice and get better all year, and am even more excited to make so many people smile by capturing their sweetest memories, as pictured below.

That moment when you point and shoot at the perfect time!


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