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Ansley & Charlie

I had a beautiful evening with Ansley and Charlie at WB Equestrian Center in Sanford, Florida a few weekends ago! I had been watching the weather all week leading up to our session and was afraid we were going to get rained out, as it consistently showed 80%-90% rain all day, all weekend. We ended up getting super lucky and not a drop of rain came out of the sky the day of our session! We had an incredibly beautiful sunset and Charlie behaved so well for us! There were tons of smiles and laughs during our equine portrait and horse & rider session. I am so thankful for perfect evenings like this one✨

Equine Portrait

Horse & Rider

It is hard for me to believe this is my first blog post of 2020. Where did the time go?! It has surely been one heck year so far and I hope everyone is safe and surrounded by love despite everything going on around us. Sending lots of prayers and love to everyone reading this post🙏🏻❤️


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