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New Year, New Business

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Valdano!

Happy new year everybody! I hope your start to 2019 has been as good and productive as mine has. I am still buzzing over the Christmas shoot I did with Tiffany, Alex, and Valdano last month, as seen in the photo in this blog post! I just finished up my website and am so excited to finally share it with everyone. Since its the new year I guess it also means its time to set new year resolutions? Normally I keep my goals in my head but this year my friend Ina invited me to make a vision board with her and some of our other girlfriends. This is their 3rd year making them and they claim it helps motivate them to reach their goals everyday. Worth a shot, right? We will take an 8 x 10 photo frame and decorate it to represent a few of our new year resolutions. The trick is leaving it somewhere you spend a lot of time, such as on your desk as work or in your bathroom where you get ready in the morning, so it frequently reminds you of what your goals are.

“What motivates you to reach your new year resolution goals?.”

what will my vision board say?

My number one goal in 2019 is to get my business up and running. I got married in September last year and have yet to find the time and means to change my last name. We used nearly all our vacation on the wedding and honeymoon, which was totally worth it! But since the social security office is only open during the week when I am at work it looks like I am going to have to use a day of PTO to become a Castaneda, legally that is. The sooner I change my name the sooner I can open my business with the state and move forward making things official.

Because of this goal my vision board will have a section dedicated to my business. I will decorate it with images that remind me of making the business legal, the new macbook pro I will be investing in, the time I will need to set aside to practice editing, and the research I need to do to come up with the types of packages I will offer clients and the cost I will charge for them.

Another goal of mine is saving for a horse and land to keep it on. I opened a savings account specifically for this purpose and have an automatic transfer going into it every time I get a paycheck. I have not owed a horse since high school but have been blessed with a friend who has allowed me to ride her horses throughout college and until now. I am ready to find a horse to call my own and start riding seriously again. I need to rebuild muscle and get back in the show ring! My vision board will also represent my goals to start saving for a horse and land and get back in the show ring.


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