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New Year Excitement!

I find entering a new year scary, yet exciting! Scary because it it always so hard for me to believe another year has passed. I want to stay young forever! Exciting because I love thinking about and writing down my goals for the upcoming year. After a making vision board with a couple of my friends for the last three years I determined it is one of my favorite ways to document my goals. Ever since I started making them I found myself crossing off more goals quicker than ever before! It also could just be a coincidence that I have also been working really hard the last few years between growing my photography business and starting my horse flipping business.

I recently reached two goals of mine and wanted to share them with you today! First, I have been talking about doing a golf leaf session for way too long. A few months ago I finally found the time to try it! I decided to use silver flakes on my friends dapple grey warmblood named Kappa. I am super excited about how the photos turned out and think they will look incredible hanging inside her tack room! Take a look at a few of my favorites below:

How do you like these silver leaf photos? I am thinking about offering this as an upgrade to my equine portrait package. Clients would have the opportunity to choose between silver, gold, and rose gold flakes.

A second and even bigger goal that I reached is I finally finished my new website! After months of editing and several revisions it is finally live for everyone to see! If you have a few minutes to spare I would love for you to click around and let me know what you think. Happy New Year everyone!


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