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Dream Session...Check!

Back in April I had a horse & rider and equine portrait session at Blue Sky Farm in Williston, Florida with Jennifer and her beautiful quarter horse named Elliott. I met Jennifer a few years ago when I was the official photographer for the Sunshine State Open Pleasure Show. Little did I know several years later I would be photographing them at their barn and creating images that with out a doubt represent some of my dreamiest work yet! It was ironic because as my assistant and I were driving to the session we passed countless patches of wild flowers on the side of the road and spent at least 10 minutes talking about how amazing it will be when we are finally able to take photos in some. When we arrived and were walking up to the barn to begin the equine portrait session we passed the owner of the barn and she informed us that she left the horses out of the front pasture so we could shoot in their field of wild flowers that had started blooming a few weeks ago. My heart skipped a beat and I jumped for joy as I had been waiting so long for this very moment!

Another thing to highlight about some of the photos below is for the first time in a long time I included a person in my black background photos. I don't typically do this but Jennifer requested it specifically and at the end of the session I found myself asking why I don't invite it more often. The photos turned out great and we had a lot of fun while we were at it!

Some of my favorite images from our sessions are pictured below. Not only did we have the beautiful purple flowers to shoot in but the barn was located off a picturesque, dirt road canopied with beautiful oak trees which also made for a lovely backdrop. What a wonderful evening we had!


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