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Calling All Equestrian Businesses

I am proud to announce Florida equine photographer, Shannon Castaneda Photography, is now offering a business branding package to fellow equestrian businesses! This package is perfect for equestrian business owners who are looking for new images to help with things such as brand identity, revamping their website, stepping up social media posts, or introducing a new project or idea. We will work together to create images that will represent your products and services in the most beautiful light!

Over the past year I worked with Ansley, owner of AB Equine Therapy, on a few different projects for her business. You may have seen some of her posts and photos shared on my story. I am very thankful she gave me this opportunity as it fueled this new passion of mine: Commercial Photography. There is truly something special about working with other equestrian business owners and it is so unbelievably rewarding to see my images being used consistently on another website and social media. To know my work is bringing another fellow equestrian more viewership and success makes me excited and proud to offer this service.

During my first session with Ansley we focused on images that represent the services her business offers such as massage therapy and saddle fitting. The goal was to capture her technique and the horses reactions to her therapy. She also challenged me with creating a few short video clips so people can really understand how she works with and on the horse. This was my first time dabbling in video and boy was it a ton of fun! I put a few short clips together to create my my first video which can be seen below. I am excited to practice video more in the future as this is another new passion that was fueled from working with Ansley. Here are just a few of my favorite shots along with the video from our first business branding session:

When we met for the second time Ansley had a specific set of images she needed for a huge project she was working on. It was so fun and educational to snap the different stretching exercises and techniques for her new e-book called Stretching and Strengthening. Follow the link below to get yourself a copy:

The third time we met Ansley wanted to focus more on brand identity, connection with the horse, and the importance of round pen work. The main goal was to capture her equestrian lifestyle and the connection between her and her horse Charlie on the ground and on top of him bareback. She wanted her audience to get to know them a little bit better through her various social media platforms. I am proud to announce I exceeded her expectations with the photos below!

Lastly, we also decided to grab a few shots of the smaller tasks Ansley does for her business, such as responding to e-mails and phone calls, managing her social media, and filling out therapy review forms. A few of my favorites are pictured here:

I would love to learn about your equestrian business and how I can help bring your vision to life! Follow the link below to inquire.


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